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Excellence in Education.
AUSIS is committed to recognizing and developing the individual student, while providing opportunities to achieve a well rounded education. To this end, AusIS aims :
» To ensure quality educational experiences.
» To foster creativity in individuals.
» To nurture the talents of each child.
» To provide an enriching co-curricular environment with a strong focus on sports in the middle and upper school.
» To encourage exposure to a variety of cultures.
» To create a continuous wealth of knowledge.
» To offer a caring learning environment.
» To support the development of sound social values.

The Logo of the Australian International School features the flags of both Australia and Bangladesh on a shield of gold with a kangaroo leaping from the Australian flag to the Bangladesh flag.
The shield of gold represents the golden future that is the desired outcome for students who study at the school. The kangaroo is a national symbol of Australian education to Bangladesh.
The motto "Together we Achieve" indicates the focus the school has in its education programmes. The focus is on achievement and recognises the importance of teamwork.







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